Testing Water for Lead

testing water for lead

You should test water for lead because there is possibly that there is lead within your drinking water. Lead could be unhealthy to your wellness, but simply how harmful relies on the amount... (read more)

Testing Lead in Home

testing lead in home

Why you should test your home for lead? There are many grounds why you need home lead paint testing, particularly if constructed prior to 1978. Lead from paint can easily get into... (read more)

Testing Soil for Lead

testing soil for lead

Testing Soil for Lead is very crucial because lead develops normally in soils, usually at concentrations that range between ten to fifty milligrams of lead per kilogram of soil (mg/kg)... (read more)

Lead Poisoning

Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning takes place any time lead builds up within the body, frequently during a period of months or years. Sometimes small quantities of lead could potentially cause significant medical problems. Children younger than 6 year-old are particularly susceptible to lead poisoning... (read more)

Test Toys for Lead Test Toys for Lead

Product sales of do-it-yourself (DIY) lead-test kits are up this year as many concerned parents test toys for lead after a large number of toys toxified with lead are already recalled within the last few years... (read more)

Lead Blood Testing Lead Blood Testing

Blood is sucked from a vein, commonly internally with the elbow or the backside of the hand. Medical service provider wraps an elastic tie around the top arm to utilize pressure on the area to make the vein... (read more)

Lead Testing Laboratory – EPA Certified Testing LabLead Testing Laboratory – EPA Certified Testing Lab

Testing for Lead lab / laboratory, provides professional health laboratory expert services for lead sample analysis, making use of OSHA, NIOSH and EPA test procedures. If you wish your own home or company... (read more)